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accent reduction and dialect work
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I'm qualified at the highest level in language and speech science and have also worked professionally in the creative industries of TV and film.  I channel my knowledge of articulation, acoustics, phonology and the sound systems of the world's languages into enjoyable techniques that anyone can use to modify or enhance their speech in the direction they want.

I work with actors, interpreters, teachers, students and professionals of all kinds. 
Accent reduction is for those who want to reduce the difference between their current accent and a chosen target accent, such as neutral/standard US/UK speech.  Dialect coaching helps performers to switch from one English accent to another, whether native or foreign.  Since accent coaching gives you greater control of your speech, it also offers enhancement of spoken English for professional purposes.

An exciting new development in accent work is
online coaching.  More and more people are discovering how Skype's audio quality, two-camera screen and text window make a natural environment for accent work which is actually better than many classroom settings.  I also give workshops and short courses in London and internationally, adapted to your requirements.  This site contains extensive free resources on English pronunciation in the pages on speech and the many articles on my blog. In addition to plentiful audio material, there are tutorials and quizzes.

Background:  I have a BA (1st class) from University College London and a PhD from UCLA (California, Los Angeles).  I’ve taught at London, Edinburgh and Cambridge Universities.  My publications include research on American and British dialects, and I was a contributor to the Kiel revision of the International Phonetic Alphabet.  Creative:  Screenwriting includes the BBC's top-rated EastEnders. As a director I've worked with the likes of Heather Graham, Michael Palin, Steve Furst and David BamberFor the film The Magic Piano I wrote the screenplay and my arrangement of Chopin's music was performed by Lang Lang.

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